our name

Our name should always appear as The Church International or as TCI. Never abbreviate the name as The Church Intl. Combination names should always appear as TCI St. Amant, The Church International STA, or The Church International St. Amant. We will not use The Church in St. Amant. Campus name should always appear as St. Amant or STA.

Logo misuse

Do not rotate the logo.
Do not use the wrong colors.
Do not stretch the logo.
Do not change the font.
Do not outline the logo.
Do not move logo pieces.

TCI Branding GUide

The TCI Branding Guide PDF details fonts, colors, and usage for our TCI brand. Click here to download the branding guide.

TCI Branding icons

Download PNG
Download SVG

This online program has many of the photoshop features and can open and save photoshop files. View Program

The Church International Logos

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