TCI Leadership Course | The Way of the Shepherd

1. To seek, rescue, and save the
2. To
the flock in good pastures
3. To
the sick
4. To lead them with
and influence
5. To be an
to the flock
6. To never
the flock
Thank you! We are so excited to have you on this journey with us! Please see below for your next steps.
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Next Steps:

Step 1

Purchase and read/listen to the book “The Way of the Shepherd
by Kevin Leman and Bill Pentak

Step 2

Type up the major lessons in each chapter then email them to

Step 3

The appropriate leader will schedule an appointment with you to discuss each chapter and go over our Staff DNA with you.
They will also help you develop a plan of action to lead a group or team. 

(He will check to see if you have gone through our Connect Track and if you are in a
Connect Group or on a Dream Team)

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