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7:00 am

Canoe and Trail Outpost

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Young Adults! We’d love to invite you on our yearly Canoe Trip on Saturday, June 12th! Our YA Community will be meeting up at the STA Campus with plans to leave at 7 AM. Carpooling is optional, but if you would like to ride separate please arrive @ Canoe & Trial Outpost on time. If you are late we may have to depart without you — now that would be sad!

Registration Details:
When you register for a canoe, you are registering for you AND your partner. Your partner DOES NOT need to register too. If you are registering for a canoe and you do not have a partner, you will need to find one.
**Price $30 for 1 canoe ( find a partner/split the price)

If you are registering for a kayak, you do not need a partner as they only seat one.
**Price $30 for 1 kayak

For all other details please click the Registration link below!

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