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The Church Vessel Worship Team Guidelines

Basic requirements for participation on the worship team:
To be eligible for the worship team, you must consider The Church International to be your home church. Participation in a life group and/or church event is encouraged. We are looking for those who are living a consistent, overcoming, and victorious Christian life.

Expectations for participation on the worship team:
Members of The Church worship team must audition for The Church worship team Merge/Verge program and be accepted onto The Church Worship Team. They are also required to be able to commit and be faithful to all rehearsals and regular or special services (some absences are acceptable). We make every attempt to not overschedule team members, and there may be weeks when you are not scheduled.

Responsibilities of a Worship Team Member:
The worship instrumentalist’s primary function is to play a required instrument with excellence and the ability to blend with other instruments in style, sound, volume, and appropriate key.
The worship vocalist's primary function is to provide vocal melody and harmony while blending with the worship leader and other worship vocalists in style and volume.

Both the instrumentalist and vocalist must also model worship for the congregation by maintaining an attitude of worship and representing Christ while playing and singing with the team. Their focus is on God, not on performing. Worship team members must also support the pastors and music ministry leaders to the best of their ability.

Characteristics of a Worship Team Member:
1. Shows up on time for soundcheck.
2. Gives 100% to every note he/she sings or plays, even if it is not their favorite style of music.
3. Is very conscious of his/her volume, vibrato, timing, and strives for excellence.
4. Strives to be an encouragement and blessing to those on the team with him/her.
5. Directs all questions, suggestions, complaints, and problems toward your worship pastor and not toward other worship team members.
6. Has a teachable and humble spirit.
7. Is open-minded to the Holy Spirit for new directions or instructions to follow.
8. Has an “I can do it” spirit rather than an “I can’t” spirit because God can do it through us.
9. Knows how to pray.
10. Keeps the heart of a servant for our King Jesus and for the sheep of His pasture.
11. Refrains from the consumption or use of alcohol and illegal drugs in public or private and sexual sin.

All team members are expected to maintain at least a seventy percent attendance average. In the event you are going to be absent from service and you are aware of this beforehand, you must let your worship team leader know. If your absence or tardiness for service is unexpected, you may call your leader. Please be aware that some absences are excused such as: work conflicts, illness, death in family, and vacations. However, if we can all be as faithful as possible, our team will be much stronger. After four consecutive absences from service or practice, you will be asked to reconsider your position on the worship team at that time. We really stress faithfulness and commitment because Christ does, too.


Weekly services –All worship team members are required to be at church ready to practice one hour and thirty minutes before service starts

IF YOU ARE LATE, TEXT your worship leader so they can adjust as needed

If you will not be able to attend your scheduled service, contact your worship leader as soon as possible. They will find a replacement for you.

Note that some services have a color scheme that we are required to wear. In this case, please do your very best to dress accordingly in order to strive for a necessary level of excellence in our appearance.

Appropriate pants and shirt. Holes in jeans must be on or below the knees or must be patched. NO shorts, flip flops, muscle shirts, cowboy hats, or cut off shirts

Dresses, skirts, dress pants/jeans, and dress shoes. Holes in jeans must be on or below the knees or must be patched. No straps of any kind (halter, spaghetti, or tank), sleeveless shirts, high slits (1 inch above the knee), low-cut tops/dresses, short shirts, or anything tight or revealing. Skirts can not be above the knee. If you are unsure about the appropriateness of your outfit, it is always better to adjust to something that youto be a distraction or stumbling block for those in worship.

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